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“Due to epilepsy and multiple sclerosis, I can not get a job”

For 7 years now I have been the diagnosis of “epilepsy” and 5 years – “multiple sclerosis”. In the afternoon, looking at me

, you will say that I’m healthy. Attacks occur only at night, last no more than a minute, I do not remember them, but at the same time in the mind. Since grade 5, I dreamed of becoming a teacher, graduated from a magistracy with a red diploma, but it did not work out with my career. Any organization is afraid to take responsibility, refuse with the words: “A wonderful resume, but you understand us correctly, and suddenly. »In personal life, it did not work out either. For several years there was a young man who reproached me with my diagnoses. But he also had a speech defect, which I never attached significance. In my 32 I don’t know where to move further.

Elizabeth, 32 years old

Hello, Elizabeth. Your question “I don’t know where to move further” could arise for at least two reasons:

  • If you don’t think about the future due to fear,
  • If you are in desperation to concern on current problems, believing that you are not able to resolve them.

I immediately note that you have a psychological education – this is good, it will help you better understand your condition and dispose of opportunities to change the current situation for the better.

Now the situation looks like a set of problems in various areas of life: relationships, health and work. Moreover, apparently, you believe that the state of health is the root cause, and the work (the organization is afraid to take responsibility) and the relationship (the young man who reproaches diagnoses) suffers against this background, but this is not entirely true.

First of all, think about your own attitude to health status. If you yourself consider yourself an inconspicuously ill, even if you look healthy in appearance, then all doubts or reproaches of others will only worsen your self -esteem, increase the fear of the future and lead to despair.

If you decide to switch your attention not to diagnoses, but to life goals, then a draw of opinion will not be able to prevent you from moving towards these goals. Perhaps a good example for you would be the life of Nikuychich, who was able to cope with his pronounced physical disabilities and succeeded.

Moreover, for my more than 30-year medical practice, I had to help many people with serious and incurable diseases (heart attacks, strokes, oncology, mental and neurological disorders, etc.D.), and many managed to overcome the disease and despair, recover or achieve persistent remission, return to decent quality of life, realize their dreams, create happy families and achieve success in work.

Working with goals itself already has a positive effect, because in his plans and dreams, a person, as a rule, does not feel anxieties. And in the situation you described, the leading role is just playing anxiety. Anxiety for your health, for your future, fear of being left without work and alone. All this together can bring any person into despair, and it is a bad adviser!

Therefore, start working with targets, even if scary, plan the feasible steps, come up with alternative scenarios in choosing the future. For example, it is not necessary to work for the organization, you can work yourself or cooperate with people close to interest in work.

Support self -esteem, not forgetting to praise yourself for the steps realized, this will give you the strength on the chosen path. Try to seek psychological help, work with goals will not take much time, but it will allow you to switch attention to prospects and development.

I wish you to cope with your anxiety about the future, find yourself and your place in this world, realize dreams and find happiness.

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