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LimeFX Review 2021 Is it a good Forex broker?

Not an automatic sign of the broker being a scammer, suspicions against it will grow due to frequency. Additionally, scammers can ignore questions from clients, especially if these troubles come from them. In addition, if prices change too fast or orders get canceled untimely, it is treated as negative signs, especially if these troubles were not present in the past. Firstly, traders are protected by the Investor Simulator.

Can you make money with LimeFx?

I have been trading on this platform for seven months. In general, I can say that this company is reliable. The trading platform has a lot of features. However, managers make me sick, although such annoying managers are everywhere.

Account Types Available Through LimeFX

I tried an investor simulator and could get my first income. The trading platform is very simple and understandable. Thanks to an educational center, I got all the necessary information about the basics of trading and economics.

LimeFX’s Live Account Types

I had been waiting for a lot of time until I got the answer. I don’t want to collaborate with this company. It isn’t a scammer, but such long responses drive me crazy. I don’t want to invest more money than I want.

The duration of the weekly study lasts for 30 minutes, sufficing a basic understanding of varying trading situations of given market assets. LimeFX allows its clients to trade with 5 trading instruments, namely, stocks, goods, raw materials, currency pairs, and indexes. With raw materials, clients are given access to oil and gas as main financial instruments.

  1. LimeFX traders are given two weeks to trade.
  2. This includes pros, cons and an overall rating based on our findings.
  3. There are several technical studies available, including Aroon Oscillator and ZeroLagMa.
  4. While LimeFX is registered by the laws of St Vincent and Grenadines, it lacks support from a renowned regulatory body such as the ASIC, FCA, or CySEC.
  5. Read our LimeFX review to find out whether it is legit or not.

However, traders are supposed to use their heads and experts are people too and utterly susceptible to mistakes. Traders should understand that they have a huge stake in all trading results. Here, we limefx need to describe STP technology in greater detail to help traders understand why employing such proves LimeFX is not a scammer. Trading requires analytical skills and basic knowledge in economics.

That means it’s much more difficult to find and potentially pursue if it wrongs you. It’s also another layer of unneeded secrecy, further knocking down the firm’s safety score. And before we start our review, we’d like to say there’s a bit of a language barrier. Google’s auto-translation tool works well on websites, but there are still some confusing mistranslations.

In general, they were written by people who do not mind working with LimeFX, while thinking that LimeFX has some areas to improve on. There are many positive reviews on LimeFX. We only chose three to not inundate readers with information. In general, positive reviews are not as crucial as neutral and negative ones.

LimeFX Silver accounts provide personal analysts to traders to aid them to understand financial market situations to lead them to the most appropriate assets. These pertain to companies who purchase financial assets to sell them to traders at a price established by them. An apparent business model, dealerships create conflicts of interest because the trader’s profit is the broker’s loss.

But if one shows interest in it, he can possibly reap huge successes through consistent effort. After hitting maximum prices, asset prices always fall. The best time to buy financial instruments is when prices are at the lowest.

You might encounter some people who would write that LimeFX is a fraud that deceives its customers. Usually, these are either paid writers who try to promote a specific broker or people who have really lost their money. The latter often refuse https://forexhero.info/ to pass the service introduction with the manager and do not care about watching special online lessons that are created for them. This creates a series of unfortunate events where the customer losses his funds because of his own incompetence.

One thing we would like to praise about LimeFX is its platform selection. Brokers mostly provide a single platform and call it a day, leaving a lot of traders discontent. However, LimeFX opted to include three, including MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, which are the top online platforms. As such, the broker’s variety of choices is certain to leave few unhappy in that regard. LimeFX’s account page doesn’t tell us anything about the actual accounts excluding some unimportant features. None of the directly trading-related data is present except minimal order sizes, which are pretty much the same everywhere.

Through the STP technology, direct trading is permitted across market participants. This technology allows LimeFX to create the necessary conditions for its clients to profit and prosper. We will discuss STP technology further in the next segment.

There couldn’t be any other results because beginners have very little chance to have a huge profit. Sometime later, I was able to earn my first money via this company, and I didn’t have any trouble with a withdrawal. One of the best methods to ascertain the reliability of a brokerage is to read the reviews written about it.

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